Monday, January 3, 2011

Recording at the Dead Rat Studio and rejoined by former singer!

We just entered the Dead Rat Studio in Aarhus with producer Jacob Bredahl (The Burning, Hatesphere, Horned Almighty), where we will record five songs for an exclusive full length split album with The Psyke Project, which will be released under the name EBOLA in April 2011.

The release will see the return of the band’s original singer Laurits Medom, who has announced his return after three years absence. It also means that we have parted ways with Esben Hansen. 

After three albums, we are pleased to avoid the traditional release process and explore new opportunities with The Psyke Project in connection with the Ebola collaboration. We have furthermore focused on a more rock and dynamic approach to the music.

Visit the Ebola platform in order to receive more information about the upcoming split release with As We Fight and The Psyke Project -

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